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Vegan-friendly. Cruelty-free.

Unlike the big brands.

Isn't all toothpaste cruelty-free?

We wish. But the short answer is no. Most big brand supermarket toothpastes use animal fats as part of their formulas.

Brushing your teeth with animal fat? No thanks.

Instead, ZING uses vegetable-derived glycerin.

With an instantly recognisable clear, silky smooth texture.

No nasties. No cruelty. No nonsense.

Because we believe your toothpaste should be doing only good things.

That's Mouth Magic.

A better carbon footprint.

Your toothpaste shouldn't have more air-miles than you.

Many supermarket toothpastes made in India, China and beyond travel the globe before ending up in your bathroom.

ZING is designed, developed and made in the UK.

Enjoy 100% recyclable tubes, zero excess packaging and a lower carbon footprint vs big brands.

Join a community of 7000+ happy brushers.