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Repair Enamel. Stop Sensitivity. Overnight.

Let science work its magic.

Hydroxyapatite. It's Mouth Magic.

We've blown people away with our results since we launched.

Here's how it works:

ZING contains Hydroxyapatite to repair + remineralise enamel, stop sensitivity, and help restore your enamel's natural gloss.

Hydroxyapatite is absolutely essential: over 90% of our enamel is made from it.

With ZING, the Hydroxyapatite fills the tiny gaps in your enamel, preventing the underlying dentine from becoming exposed.

This stops sensitivity, strengthens enamel and restores a natural-looking gloss.

It's the ultimate all-in-one.

Stronger enamel. Zero sensitivity.

That's Mouth Magic.

Science-backed. Science-packed.

Clinically proven to remineralise enamel, stop sensitivity and restore natural gloss.

Discover the science behind ZING:

  1. Reducing Hypersensitivity