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We'll never use Titanium Dioxide.

Good for paint. Not for mouths.

If it's white, it's not right.

Titanium Dioxide is a suspected carcinogen, found in paint and banned in food by the European Food Safety Authority.

It's used by most big brands to make toothpaste look 'white'.

We believe any product that goes in our mouths twice a day should be doing only good things.

That's why ZING is free from Titanium Dioxide, forever.

ZING is also free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and other cheap nasties found in many toothpastes.

No dyes. No nasties. No nonsense.

Because we've got your back.

And your mouth.

(Read more on the ban on Titanium Dioxide here.)

F*ck Cancer.

At ZING, we take an 'only good things' approach, and we apply this to everything we do.

That's why we donate hundreds of tubes a year to those battling cancer.

We brush twice a day, everyday. Let's make it mean more.

No dyes. No nasties. No nonsense.

A formula, for the best version of yourself.