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Whitens, fast. Repairs enamel.

Smile, you look good.

Clinically-proven ingredients. A formula for the best version of yourself.

Here's something you never knew: most big brand whitening toothpastes destroy enamel. Instead, ZING's triple action formula whitens and dissolves stains, and repairs enamel.

Whiter. Brighter. Stronger.

We've blown people away with our formula, and here's how it works: Most 'whitening' toothpastes are abrasive, meaning they wear down enamel and can be extremely unsafe for long-term use. They actually contribute to enamel erosion and sensitivity, and are not typically dentist-recommended.

Instead of wearing down enamel, ZING dissolves tea and coffee stains with low abrasion using an amazing enzyme called Papain. Unlike big brand whitening toothpastes, ZING is low abrasion, and formulated to whiten and remove stains effectively, every day.

Repairing Enamel

Our enamel is made from a mineral called Hydroxyapatite. Brushing with a Hydroxyapatite toothpaste helps to remineralise and repair enamel by using the mineral its made from to fill the tiny holes in the surface of the tooth.

These holes are often the cause of pain and sensitivity as, when left untreated, they expose the underlying dentine.

ZING uses Hydroxyapatite to repair and remineralise enamel, and stop sensitivity. The best bit? ZING gets to work immediately and improves sensitivity in just a few brushes.

It's toothpaste, but magic.

Join over 10,000+ happy brushers, and switch to ZING today.

Your enamel's never looked better.